Gamers can be a difficult group to please. Technology early adopters, they have the highest expectations for design refinement and development execution. 
For a series of games on, I was tasked with designing and developing a number of single page web applications to display the games content in new and interesting ways. Ways that would stand out from the standard "game trailer" YouTube clips. 
For Dead Rising 3, I designed and developed a single page webapp that also functioned as a "Choose  your own adventure" style walkthrough of game clips. This allowed gamers to experience the content that might otherwise be delivered in a gameplay trailer, but increased consumer engagement with the content and lead to additional pre-orders via a reward system for consumers who were able to battle their way through the city of Los Perdidos. 
For Kinect Sports Rivals, I designed and developed a single page webapp that let the gameplay be the hero. Beautiful full screen videos were delivered via YouTube, with interactive hotspots displaying during the video to provide more context to potential consumers. The island of KSR functioned as an interactive 3d element allowing users to navigate the same island location the gameplay for Kinect Sports Rivals takes place on. 
Role: Interactive Architect, design, motion design, UX, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Dead Rising 3 home
Dead Rising 3 world
Kinect Sports Island 1
Kinect Sports Island 2
Kinect Sports Island 3
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